The thinnest size of invisible ceiling fan in this industry will give you a totally new
experience ever!

The thickness of the faceplate is only 4cm; therefore, it gives a more open working environment. In general, each individual have a different comfort level with respect to the height of the ceiling. The thickness of faceplate will be taken into account for those customers who are keen of their spatial awareness. The faceplate thickness of WL-4 invisible fan is only 4cm, with a classic style, and also is the thinnest one in this industry.

Ceiling fan combined with air-conditioner and ventilation system

With exclusive anti-humidity air duct Cooling a room faster,  air will not be blow directly against a person
The traditional air-conditioner and ventilation system blow air flow directly to the duct and leads to users who sit under the duct feel freezing or uncomfortable. On the other hand, people who are far from ventilation system cannot feel cool often.

Welly ceiling fan is not only be used as a fan, but also can apply with air-conditioner and ventilation system with exclusive anti-humidity air duct (otherwise the motor of ceiling fan will break down easily because of soak wetness). It completely solves these problems.

Our ceiling fan distributes cold air averagely to every corner in a room through its’ 360 degree turntable, which helps temperature stay the same. In the same environment, the whole air flow will be more even with ceiling fan. If people only use air-conditioner, the airflow people feel will have big difference due to the limited angle of air duct. The cooling effect will not be efficient.  

* Traditional air con vent

* Invisible blade ceiling fan with air con vent

Application : Directly connected to Air Conditioner outlet