Welly Air-Circulation Ceiling Fan

Models in different thickness:

4cm, 9cm, 12cm, 16cm

How To Make A Right Choice

The deeper you put your spoon in the cup, the bigger swirls you get when you stir it. Similarly, created air circulation is stronger if the body of fan is thicker, height thickness are 4cm, 9cm, 12cm, 16cm. Please see comparison chart below :-

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The limits of the grid (WL-9 series)

The biggest difference between a ceiling fan and a traditional one is that no matter how creative your ideas are, you will face a challenge: only can fit your thought and design into a fixed size of ceiling 2ft x 2ft (T-Bar ceiling. It may also be referred to a drop ceiling, suspended ceiling)We...

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Make it as simple as you want

Three Simple Concepts The designing mission of Welly ceiling fan is simple. The function of the equipment won’t be broken easily when the function is not complicated. The style is simple so that it can suit in any occasions; the structure design needs to be dismantling easily or users to clean up...

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“Saving Energy” not a big deal! Just needs Fan!

How to lower the power consumption? According to a statistic, the energy (power) consumption of air conditioner system is over 40% in total. If air conditioner can be used with efficient ceiling fan, it will speed up the air circulation and cooling the room sooner. It is not necessary for you...

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How loud is too loud

Do you know what is the difference between a 55 dB fan and A 50 dB fan?    There is something you need to know before you start to shop for a fan. Do you know what is the difference between a 55dB fan and A 50 dB fan? Most people aren’t aware of how much difference 5 dB could be. It shows 55 dB is...

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