M502 UVC Sterilize Portable Inverter Water Cooling Fan

The latest innovation of YSD Portable Evaporative Cooler with a submersible UVC light. This new device can effectively kill the germs and virus while the tank water circulate through the lamp pipe. It will keep the users away from the danger of harmful bacteria.

Cooling.Air Filtration.Variable Speed, Energy Saving with High Air Volume

The Portable Inverter Water Cooling Fan is suitable for any sultry areas: Factory, Garage, Warehouse, Greenhouse, Restaurant, and Shop. And for Industries like Arms, Aviation, Horticulture, Animal Farming, etc.

With ISO9001 certificates management, CE and UL approved products, and testing results from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) approved laboratory.


Voltage 1ph, 220V
Fan Blade 50″ 3 nos. SMC Fiberglass
Motor 2HP
Inverter 3HP
Speed(Max.) 660RPM (Variable)
Auto Swing Deflector no
Cooling Capacity 500m2 / 3582 s.f.
Airflow 48000 CMH, 28252 CFM
Water Reservoir 230L / 61G
Weight 160kg / 353lbs
Dimensions (HxWxD) 220*180*88cm / 79″*71″*35″
Current(Max.) 7.6A ±10%
Power Consumption (Max.) 1100 Watt/Hr ±10%