Three Simple Concepts

The designing mission of Welly ceiling fan is simple. The function of the equipment won’t be broken easily when the function is not complicated. The style is simple so that it can suit in any occasions; the structure design needs to be dismantling easily or users to clean up and maintain the fan. 

I . Easy To Maintain  

   “Is it convenient to wash if I install a ceiling fan?”
The question is quite common and the answer is yes. You will find out how much effort and time Welly put into our invisible blade ceiling fan. The same as any kind of fans, there is no doubt a ceiling fan is requiring to be cleaned. That is the reason Welly deigns the fan structure to safety clip with plain concept.

II. Simple Style 

Flashy and garish pattern is not the main purpose for ceiling fan. Our first priority is dedicated to providing the best quality for customers, so the streamlining and plain appearance is the finest choice due to matching any kind of occasions.

III. Practical Function

Most common reason for choosing a fan is customers hope this product can reduce some domestic expense. That’s why we insist on producing our function of ceiling fan simple to make them durable.

How To Clean

Cleaning of a ceiling fan is everyone’s concern. Welly does hear it. We design our products with premium quality of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic so that our ceiling fan can reduce attracting and holding dust on it , also prevent it discoloring. Moreover, our ceiling fan is washable due to its’ special structure. You can just wipe the ceiling fan or wash it.

Clean up ceiling fan by dry towel or just water, wait until the faceplate dry then assemble it back to the ceiling

Removable Ceiling Fan

Semi-Removable Ceiling Fan