Do you know what is the difference between a 55 dB fan and A 50 dB fan? 
There is something you need to know before you start to shop for a fan. Do you know what is the difference between a 55dB fan and A 50 dB fan? Most people aren’t aware of how much difference 5 dB could be. It shows 55 dB is louder than 50 dB approximately 3.2 times. If the Sound Pressure Level is 60 dB, then it is louder than 50 dB 10 times. After the introduction of noise, what is the normal range you think our ears we can tolerate?     
Based on the pages of United States Department of labor, it shows that people who are exposed to a loud environment, will most likely suffer from physical and psychological stress, interfere with communication and concentration, reduce productivity, and have a higher possibility of an increase in injuries and accidents at the workplaces. 

Everyone has a different level of tolerance of noise. Most people are comfortable in the environment under 50 dB. The site with 50 dB-70dB makes people feel some discomfort. If people are exposed to loud noise for a large amount of time, in the long term, it can cause a permanent hearing loss.
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The issue of noise is always ignored by the general public, but it does affect many people. It is fine that you don’t comprehend these complicated decibel calculation. The most Welly takes care of every detail for giving you a cooling space, In the meanwhile, provides you the fresh air and quiet environment.