What’s the difference between a water purifier and water ionizer?

Water purifier is usually a basic device for home use that filters chemicals and impurities. Purifiers are unable to change the pH values, ORP values or the structure of water molecules. A water ionizer uses electrolysis to alter water pH and ORP values and molecular cluster structures of the water. It conditions the water chemistry for the user. The pH value of the output can be selected for different uses; drinking, cooking, washing, healing, etc.

General User pH Instruction Tables for Water Ionizers

Alkaline Water

Foods Reference

Foods Disinfaction & Dishes Cleaning

pH9.0~pH11.0 – Alaline 4(Strong Alkaline)

  • Soaking vegetables, beef, pork, and fresh fish to remove fishy taste and revert foods’ natural flavors.
  • Good for making soups, and help for maintaining their nutrients and color.
  • Effectively reduce pesticides on fruits and vegetables.
  • Good for cleaning tough oil stain on dishes.

Daily Drinking

pH8.5~pH10-Alkaline 3

  • Suitable for daily drinking and improving your overall health.
  • Improve conditions for upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, and gout
Mushrooms,Soy beans,Spinach

Cooking & Drinking

pH8.0~pH9.0-Alkaline 2

  • Good for cooking rice, preserves its natural flavor longer.
  • After initial period, this level is suitable for daily drinking.
  • Good for making tea or coffee, reduce bitterness and give better taste.
Banana,Carrot,Chestnut,Lettuce,Red beans

Initial Drinking

pH7.5~pH8.5-Alkaline 1

  • For people just beginning to drink Alkaline water.
  • Balancing internal pH, improve the assimilation of Calcium and other minerais.

Purified Water

Foods Reference

Purified Water

pH7.0-Purified water

  • No color, no taste, no impurity.
  • Suitable for taking medicine, making milk and for baby’s diet.

Acidic Water

Foods Reference

Facial & Skin Cleaning

pH5.0~pH6.5-Acidic 1

  • Not suitable for drinking
  • Close to the skin pH value, it has an astringent effect when face cleaning.
  • Ideal for bathing sensitive skin and infants, sunburn relieve.
  • Minimize the appearance of pores, and good for brushing teeth.

Sterilization & Disinfection

pH4.0~pH5.5-Acidic 2

  • Not suitable for drinking
  • Anti-bacterial for tableware and floor cleaning.
  • Eliminates the residual agricultural chemicais on fruits and vegetables when soaking them in acidic water.
Cheese,Egg yolk,Oats,Squid

※The above pH levels may differ depending on tap water quality