Welly Ceiling Fan WL4-F



Invisible Series WL4-F

No unexpected stop, no sense of oppression, suitable for office, 220V, 50 Hz, 12" / 14" blades, 603 x 603mm / 595 x 595mm, AC or DC motor, with Air Duct can connect to Air Conditioning System

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 61 × 17 × 61 cm
Motor Current



595x595mm, 603x603mm

Air Duct

Yes, No


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Standardized size(2 ft.x 2 ft.) means Welly fan fits into most suspended ceiling/drop ceiling grids.

Energy Saving 
With the use of an air-condition system. It eliminates the inconsistence indoor temperature to various locations and helps tune up the air-conditioner’s temputure setting to save energy.

Intelligent & Safe
Infra-red multifunctional remote control, it has 3 speeds of wind adjustment control. Ball-bearing electric motor able to run up to 20,000 hours and more, as well as reduced noice and more safety.

Comfortable & Healthful
360° rotate diffuser cover wide area and providing good ventilation for comfortable and healthful indoor environment.

Economic & Eco-Friendly 
Low power consumption, high efficiency, rigid and durable. Reduce air-pollution and carbon emission. Save money and protects environment.

Easy to Maintain
With unique conceptual designs, breaking through structure defects of conventional ceiling fans, minimizes floor space, easy to disaaaemble and maintain.

Excellent & Intimate
Comply with all functional requirements in cluding energy saving, power saving, lower noise, comfort, health, environment protection and safrty. It can easily apply to most of public indoor are such as office, hospital, classroom, home…etc.


Model WL-4
Item No. WL-RA15F WL-RA25F
Power Source AC / 110V, 60Hz AC / 220V, 50Hz
Size (L*W*H) 603*603*150mm / 595*595*150mm
N.W. 4.5 kg
Blade 12 / 14 inches
Maniufature Taiwan
Material ABS plastic
Color White
Suggested Space 9 sm²
Suggested Height of Ceiling Below 2.5 m
Type Suspension ceiling type
Wattage 35 W 35 W
Amount of Wind 114.15 m³/min 114.15 m³/min
EER 3.26 m³/min/ W 3.26 m³/min/ W
Switch Type IR Remote
Special Features CE, CCC, CB
Usage Suspended Ceiling, Grid Ceiling, Drop Ceiling
Plug Profile Embedded