How to lower the power consumption?

According to a statistic, the energy (power) consumption of air conditioner system is over 40% in
total. If air conditioner can be used with efficient ceiling fan, it will speed up the air circulation and cooling the room sooner. It is not necessary for you to set air-conditioning system at pretty low temperature. It is not only enhancing the performance of the employees, but also decreasing the electricity bill. Moreover, it can make the life of appliances longer.

For example

A space with 3552 ft² (330 m²) needs the air conditioner around 20 tons(note1). Air-con consumes 20 kw/hr(note2which means air conditioner consumes 20W.

►In the morning, you should turn on a ceiling fan in a room temperature around 26 – 28℃ with
relative humidity before one and a half hours you turn on air conditioner ; you can turn off the air conditioner one and a half hours earlier with ceiling fan to improve the air circulation .

It reduces 3 hrs usage of air conditioner every day. ⇒ It saves  20(W) x 3(Hrs)= 60 (kw/hr)
If you use this methods for 200 days in a year. 
⇒ It saves 60(W) x 200 (Days) = 12,000 (kw/hr)
electricity charge : 12,000(kw/hr) x 4 (NTD)(note3) = 48,000 (NTD)

note1:Depends on the space in a room, heat source, occupational class.
note2:1 kilowatt-hours = 1000W/hr
note3:1 (kw/hr) costs 4 dollars (NTD)

What is PMV model?

PMV (Predicted Mean Vote) model points out that the human thermal comfort depends on several
factors: air temperature,humidity, radiant temperature, air velocity, metabolic rate and clothing
levels and each individual experience. An appropriate temperature is not just based on an air conditioner. According to an official report, the comfort of being in a set on air-conditioning systems at 28
 with fan equals to the comfort of being in a set on air-conditioning systems at 25 but without fan.

The PMV rate of Welly

Based on the figure below, the average value of lines BCD which are using Welly fan located
between +-0.5 PMV rate. It is closer to the comfort zone than the line A, which is using air-conditioner. Using Welly fan and air conditioner at the same time will not only help cooling the room sooner, but also keep the room in comfort even at 28

        A B C D
Aircon Setting       25℃                           28℃
Welly Fan-
High Spped
       x         o
Welly Fan-
Middle Speed
       x          o
Welly Fan-
Low Speed
       x         o
Total Flow Rate W/Hr 809.1      169.3       177.9      172.0
* Statistics are from Industrial Technology Research